Texas A&M College of Pharmacy

Screenshot of redesigned College of Pharmacy website

pharmacy.tamu.edu / Launched 2019

Adapting the new Health Science Center design to the College of Pharmacy's website was an early step in transitioning all of the affiliated colleges to an updated look and feel. I was tasked with creating new components in the updated aesthetic to meet the specific needs of each college.

Pharmacy’s unique academic mission and research priorities fit beautifully into the story structure of the new design. I was able to easily repurpose many of the interactive components from the flagship site to highlight Pharmacy’s strengths.

Working with Pharmacy's communications team, we removed all internal-facing content and focused the remaining messaging on prospective students. However, the sheer volume of pages and number of contributors made this project a logistical challenge.

Content organization was crucial, especially in sections relating to degrees and admissions requirements. After many iterations and user tests, I designed a tabbed page layout that merged a folder of short individual pages into tabs on a single page. Grouping these tabbed pages into sections produced a comprehensive sidebar navigation structure that we repackaged for future sites.