Texas A&M Health Science Center

Screenshot of redesigned Texas A&M Health website

health.tamu.edu / Launched 2019

The Texas A&M Health Science Center is made up of five colleges and numerous education, research, and outreach centers and institutes across Texas.

The organization’s geographically diverse model allows for endless impact opportunities throughout the state, but also creates challenges in identity, coordination, and messaging.

In 2017, the flagship website was a visual manifestation of these challenges.

Redesigning the site called for not only a complete overhaul of the website’s outdated look, but a reconception of the organization’s purpose and vision. Our aim was simple: Tell one cohesive story.

To accomplish this goal, we chose to start from scratch, combining our in-house web and communications talent to serve as a consulting agency. We focused solely on content for external audiences, we divorced the site structure from the organizational chart, and we streamlined our design process and development environment.

While no design project is free from challenges and compromises, ultimately my team was successful in elevating a website with an identity crisis to serve as a functional, modern, marketing tool.